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    China Nerin’s Team in Researching, Developing and Applying Key Pyrometallurgy Technologies Won the First Innovation Competition Prize in Jiangxi Province

             Recently, Jiangxi Association for Science and Technology, Jiangxi Province Human Resources and Social Security Department, Science and Technology Department of Jiangxi Province, and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jiangxi Province jointly issued the “Decision on Commending the Winners of the First Innovation Competition Prize in Jiangxi Province” (GKX Zi No. [2020] 69). China Nerin’s team in researching, developing and applying key pyrometallurgy technologies won the first innovation competition prize (collective) in Jiangxi province.

             Team leader: ZHANG Wenhai

             Core team members: TANG Zunqiu, WANG Wei, YUAN Jianping, DENG Aimin, HE Feng, LIU Jianjun, HUANG Wenhua, TANG Bin, LIU Wenbin, TU Jianhua, LIAO Wenjiang, XIONG Jiaqiang, PENG Tianzhao, HU Jun

             The team has been committed to research, promotion and application of modern copper smelting technologies and equipment for a long time. A number of the technical achievements have reached the international leading or advanced level and advanced copper smelting technologies at home and abroad.

             The team now takes the lead in developing and applying cutting-edge flash copper smelting technologies and has broken through engineering and technical problems to increase the capacity. Now the capacity of a single production line is more than 2000kt/a copper concentrate.

             The team has systematically studied the key technologies and equipment for continuous copper smelting with "side-blown smelting - multi-lance top blown converting" and applied it to many domestic and foreign copper smelting projects. The main technical and economic indicators have reached or approached the international advanced level.

             The team has initiated a new process to treat copper-based electronic waste and polymetallic solid waste by fire process and built a 10kt/a demonstrative pilot test production line to do a large number of pilot tests and researches. It has been evaluated by a third party authority as reaching the international leading level on the whole.