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    Copper and cobalt are successfully produced from RTR Copper-Cobalt Mine Phase 2 Project in DRC

             April 25th, RTR Copper-Cobalt Mine Phase 2 Project in DRC designed and partially supplied by China Nerin was successfully put into operation. LME A cathode copper and cobalt hydroxide (cobalt grade at 35%) have been produced.

    RTR Phase 2 Project expands the capacity of Phase 1 Project by 35kt/a cathode copper and 6kt/a cobalt metal and makes the total capacity to 105kt/a cathode copper and 20kt/a cobalt metal. China Nerin has designed the whole project, supplied the electrowinning equipments, designed and supplied the automatic system for the whole project. The successful operation of the project shows China Nerin’s strong comprehensive strength in undertaking large hydrometallurgical copper and cobalt mine projects.
             Since RTR Phase 2 Project is an expansion of Phase 1 Project, the Client required seamless tie-in between Phase 1 and Phase 2 without influencing the operation of Phase 1. When the design team made engineering design of Phase 1, we had already taken into full consideration of the engineering technical scheme and site construction scheme for seamless tie-in between Phase 1 and Phase 2. After the full operation of Phase 1 Project, the designers went to the operation plant for careful survey and found out 289 tie-in points of all disciplines in total and then took into account of technical details and implementation countermeasures of the many tie-in points. The construction of Phase 2 Project was commenced since the end of 2018. With great support of the management, RTR project team had carried forward the determined spirit of Nerin staff, worked well together to overcome unfavorable conditions such as limited time, difficulties in engineering design, complicated reconstructions and poor working conditions on the site, and provided strong technical support for the whole process of Phase 2 Project.
             The project team have always adhered to the concept of "Excellent technologies and services win orders" in providing technical services of the project. During Covid-19 outbreak, Nerin staff have kept working and overcoming difficulties to stay on the job site for technical services and guarantee the successful commissioning of the project.
             The success of Phase 2 Project proves that Nerin, a Chinese engineering company, is fully competent in western management mode and western technical criteria, and able to meet western design and construction requirements for large mining projects. It improves the ability and level for technologies and equipments of China's nonferrous metals engineering companies to go abroad and further China Nerin’s publicity and influence in DRC and even the entire Central Africa.
    High Pressure Hydraulic Mining of RTR Copper-Cobalt Mine Phase 2 Project
    Plant of RTR Copper-Cobalt Mine Phase 2 Project
    Electrowinning Area of RTR Copper-Cobalt Mine Phase 2 Project