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    The First 120kV Unattended General Step-Down Substation EPC Project of China Nerin was Successfully Put into Operation

             September 28, the First 120kV Unattended General Step-Down Substation EPC Project of China Nerin, DRC Deziwa 120kV General Step-Down Substation, was accepted by SNEL and successfully put into operation .

             The substation with 2x63MVA transformers is an important part of DRC Deziwa Copper Mine Project and was constructed since August 2018. On July 18, 2019, the 11kV system of the substation was put into operation in advance to supply power to the plant area through diesel generator sets. September 24, 2019, SNEL started to inspect the substation for acceptance and made fully inspection of the 120kV equipment, earthling system, SCADA system, and integrated protection system of the whole substation. September 28, the substation was accepted by SNEL and the 120kV system was successfully put into operation. September 29, the 11kV system of the substation was supplied by the power grid instead of the diesel generator sets and then supplied to the 11kV power distribution rooms in Deziwa plant area.

             With great support of the Owner and actively cooperation of many departments of the Company, the project team members have been working overtime on the project site for a long time. They have found and solved problems in a short time, overcome difficulties such as tight schedule and supply shortage, and completed the construction of the substation with high quality in the required time. It’s them that make linkage testrun of the substation possible on September 30. The project is of important practical significance in advancing the completion and operation of the Deziwa project and has been highly praised by the Owner.

             The successful testrun of Deziwa 120kV general stepdown substation is a successful development of EPC general contracting mode of China Nerin in electrical sector in foreign countries and is another successful practice of China Nerin in growing into an international engineering company.

    Group Picture upon the Successful Testrun