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    China Nerin President Wu Runhua led a Delegation to Visit Dongjiang Environment

             In mid-November, China Nerin president and deputy secretary of the party committee Wu runhua visited Dongjiang Environment in Shenzhen and held in-depth and friendly talks with Dongjiang Environment secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board Tan Kan and deputy secretary of the party committee and president Yao Shu.

             Dongjiang Environment Chairman Tan Kan warmly welcomed the visit of China Nerin president Wu Runhua and his delegation, saying that Dongjiang Environment and China Nerin have been partners for many years and had established a deep friendship in technical project cooperation and other aspects; to strengthen the environmental protection, promote the construction of ecological civilization and bear the responsibility of protecting green hills and clear waters, Dongjiang Environment urgently wants to cooperate with China Nerin, a company with excellent technical performance, rich engineering experience, and good consciousness in services, so as to make the respective advantages complementary and to achieve high quality and sustainable development for both companies.

             On behalf of China Nerin, Wu Runhua expressed his gratitude for the trust and support of Dongjiang Environment, and briefly introduced the operation, production and technological innovation of China Nerin in recent years, saying that the stable development of China Nerin, especially the continued improvement of the "environment" brand influence, is attributable to the help and support from Dongjiang Environment and other benchmarking enterprises with first-class technologies. We are looking forward to strengthening our partnership and keeping closer communication based on mutual benefit and win-win sharing cooperation, so as to push the two sides’ development of green innovation to a new level with technical collaboration and project cooperation as the breakthrough point.

             During his visit in Shenzhen, Wu Runhua also went to China Nerin Shenzhen Branch, shared his experience in strengthening operation management, promoting technological innovation, and improving service consciousness and quality with the stall of Shenzhen Branch, and put forward the specific requirements to Shenzhen Branch in the future work.

             The heads of China Nerin Environmental Design Research Institute, Presidents’ Office and other departments attended the visit.

    Wu Runhua led a Delegation to Visit Dongjiang Environment

    Wu Runhua was Sharing his Experience with the Staff of China Nerin Shenzhen Branch